The-Farmyard Spalding Animals

In the Autumn of 2014 after thinking about it for a long time, we finally decided that we wanted to do something for the local community and also our loyal customers. I have always had a love for animals, and this has passed on to my daughters and wife. So after keeping Wyandotte Bantams for a few years and having the usual pets like a dog and cat, i wanted to do more. So out came the calculator, pencil and pad, i worked things out and decided what i thought i wanted to do.

In the spring of 2015 we bit the bullet and started a small project of some small gates and some nice fencing, and at the time my thoughts were to have a couple of Micro Pigs and maybe a few Spring Lambs……..How wrong could i have been! We started and we just kept adding an extra gate and a few more fence posts and then while we are doing it we may as well put a gate in here and a few more fence posts…we ended up using 9 galvanised gates ranging from 14 foot to 6 foot widths, 129 round 6 foot fence posts & over 300 meters of stock fencing….(I ended up being the lightest weight i had been for a few years!)

The first animals to arrive were our 2 lovely micro pigs, Bubble & Squeak, and we loved them, so i carried on looking for new things and i found locally a small flock of Jacobs sheep. I went with the idea of buying one maybe two ewes with a couple of lambs. But when i saw them i could not resist so i ended up with 4 Ewes that all had day old twin ewe lambs, so we now had our own small flock of 12.

Once they were settled in i found a fantastic breeder in Essex of Pygmy Goats, so early one morning Daisy and i got in the car and went to have a look. While driving down there i was thinking i hope he has a couple of nice ones that we can bring back with us. When we arrived we got a shock when we saw a closed herd of over 100 Pygmy Goats of all ages, starting from 8-10 weeks old to fully grown adults. After a couple of hours of chatting and choosing we eventually left with 5 young goats, 2 intact Billy’s & 3 Nannies all about 12-14 weeks old. We now have an extra 3 young Nannies so we now have a small herd of 8 Pygmy Goats, with a lovely range of colours.

Times change and after a year and a lot of thought i decided to sell the flock of sheep and introduce something new……and this is when i decided i would start looking……

I found what we all feel here is a great exchange for the sheep, We now have 2 lovely young Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys, Casper is 9 Months old and a lovely friendly intact boy, and yet to be named his hopefully new partner is a lovely 18 month old Jenny…….these two are adorable…

Please feel free to visit us and have a look at what we have done.

Maybe have a coffee or some lunch in our ever popular Coffee Shop.