Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys


D.O.B 7th June 2015

Our newest addition

We have some very interesting news last night we received our first Miniature Donkey he was born on the 7th July 2015 and his name is “Casper”. After a 4 hour journey from Sussex he was a little stubborn and we had fun getting him from the shop to his stable…..but we did it! (With a little help from a food bucket and a couple of carrots!) He has now settled into his new home and is eating hay and grass from our hands. Unfortunately for the next couple of days we will keep him in a small area near his stable so that he can get used to his new home, but hopefully by next week you will all be able to come and visit and see him in the front areas where the Pygmy Goats are. We are now looking for a nice young Jenny to keep him company, if anyone has one please get in touch.

The Miniature Mediterranean Donkey is a unique and entirely separate breed of donkey. Their height generally averages between 30″ and 34″, and the maximum to be accepted into the association general register is 36″. Casper is registered with the Miniature Donkey Association¬†and he measures 31″ and he looks just like his passport photo…….yes he even has his own passport!

D.O.B 30th October 2014

Awaiting a name

I found this lovely looking “Jenny” over the weekend and she arrived with us today after a short journey from Stevenage, she stands at 33″ so she is a little larger than Casper but that seems to be the normal way to do it the. Unlike Casper she does not have a passport yet but I have the Vet coming to check them both over and do the paper work for her Passport.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are a separate breed of donkey originating from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Because they were so small they were employed to turn grinding stones for grain inside the peasants houses. There are 18th century wood block pictures showing these small donkeys, blindfolded, attached to the grain mill and walking in endless circles. They were also used to carry water from village wells and supplies into the mountains for shepherds.

Now almost extinct in their native land, these diminutive little animals are a popular pet in the USA, especially in the southern states. Approximately 700 have been imported into the UK from North America and are fast becoming very popular here in Great Britain. The most common colour is grey dun with chocolate highlights. Other colours include brown, black, slate grey, sorrel, spotted, piebald, skewbald and cream.