Giant Rabbits

We have just taken delivery of 2 Continental Giant Rabbits

Dark Steel Buck D.O.B. 17/12/2015

Red Agouti Doe D.O.B 20/12/2015

History of the Continental Giant
Early Origins
The Continental is one of the largest and oldest breeds of rabbit, with documentary records suggesting that they may have been around as far back as the mid-16th Century.

Most Continentals are descended from the even more ancient Flemish Giant, a breed that originated in Ghent, Belgium. It’s thought that the Flemish Giant was created by breeding larger examples of fur and meat breeds together. These breeds may have been the Steenkonijn or Stone Rabbit – named because it was said to weigh as much as an old Belgian stone, about 8.5lb – and the Patagonian, an old European breed that is now sadly extinct.